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Compound Benzoin Tincture Ampoules

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Compound Benzoin Tincture (also known as Friar's Balsam) has been used for decades to ensure a steadfast hold of adhesive products in endurance sport, outdoor pursuits where the feet get wet, and by people with hyperhidrosis (excessively sweaty feet). It can also be used as an antiseptic, but will sting on application to open skin. 

Commonly available in small bottles, these single-use ampoules containing 0.6ml of CBT are a more convenient self-contained delivery method. Their low weight and bulk make the ampoules the perfect way to carry CBT in first aid and blister kits, for sporting events, hiking expeditions and wilderness settings.

Being single-use, they are also perfectly suited for use on patients in medical settings in line with infection control techniques, and so wastage is minimised.


  • Adhesion promoter for tapes and bandages

Directions for Use

  1. Remove the ampoule from its cardboard sleeve and replace it in the reverse position on swab. The gauze swab will now be visible.
  2. Crush ONCE between the thumb and forefinger at the dot located at the center of the swab.
  3. Gently squeeze swab to apply to the desired area.
  4. To avoid glass splinters, use only with paper cap completely in place.
  5. Use soapy water to remove any remaining residue after the tape/bandage is removed.


James Alexander Corporation, New Jersey, USA


Compound Benzoin Tincture USP (CBT) is a botanical product derived from plants of the family Styraceae. Benzoin producing plants are small to medium trees growing in tropical Asia. Benzoin forms when the tree trunk is injured. It is produced by incising the bark and collecting the exuded resin after it hardens on exposure to air and light.

Benzoin is an ancient drug that has had more different Latin titles and synonyms since its origin in the 15th or 16th century than any other official preparation. Benzoin contains esters of cinnamic and benzoic acids together with free acids. Amounts and types of esters vary with its source. CBT is prepared by mixing benzoin with aloe, storax, and Tolu Balsam. Alcohol is used as the menstruum.

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