Say Goodbye to Toe Blisters With Topo Footwear

Say Goodbye to Toe Blisters With Topo Footwear

Hot on the heels of our commitment to offer blister sufferers with the Altra brand of footwear, we are thrilled to announce that we are now also stocking Topo footwear. This brand is renowned for its exceptional comfort and extra toe room. Dedicated to meeting the needs of active individuals plagued by toe blisters, we understand the importance of wearing a shoe that gives your toes room to move. Topo shoes are specifically designed to address this problem, making them a perfect addition to our product lineup.


Why Topo Footwear?

Topo shoes are not just another pair of athletic shoes. They are crafted with a unique design philosophy that prioritizes natural movement and comfort. Here are some key features that make Topo footwear stand out:

1. Roomy Toe Box

One of the most common causes of toe blisters is the lack of space for the toes. Topo shoes feature a wide toe box that allows your toes to spread out comfortably, reducing interdigital friction and the likelihood of blisters.

2. Secure Midfoot and Heel

While providing ample room for the toes, Topo ensure a snug fit around the midfoot and heel. This secure fit helps in stabilizing the foot, minimizing unnecessary movement that can lead to blisters.

3. Heel-to-Forefoot Drop Options

Topo offer shoes in a range of “drop” from 0 to 5mm. A zero drop shoe is favoured by people who are seeking a more natural foot feel. However, if you’re not used to a zero drop, or if you are having trouble with a touchy Achilles tendon, you’ll likely find a larger drop more comfortable.

Benefits for Active Individuals

Whether you're an avid runner, a frequent multiday hiker, or someone who enjoys long walks, friction blisters can be a major hindrance. They can turn a pleasant activity into a painful experience. Topo footwear are the perfect shoe for the following people:

Runners: Dont let blisters disrupt your training regime or affect your performance on race day.

Hikers: The more blisters you get, the more gear you have to carry. Take toe blisters out of the equation with shoes that accommodate your toes to start with, plus any preventions you want to use, like Injinji toesocks or gel toe protectors.

Everyday activities: Even if you’re not an athlete, comfortable footwear is essential for daily activities, particularly if you’re on your feet a lot at work. Topo shoes offer the same benefits of blister prevention and overall foot comfort, making them a great choice. From walking your dog to running errands to whatever your job demand of you, you’ll appreciate the difference Topo shoes make.

Choosing the Right Topo Shoe

Topo assort their shoes according to:

  • Gender: Men’s & Women’s
  • Activity: Running (road), Running (trail) & Hiking
  • Drop: Zero, 3mm & 5mm
  • Cushioning (stack): Low (0-20mm), Medium (20-25mm) & High (25+ mm)

Topo Sizing Charts

Topo Footwear Men's sizing chart

Topo Footwear Women's sizing chart

    Topo Footwear Styles Available 2024

    What Hel-to-Toe Drop Does Topo Footwear Offer?

    Zero Drop

    • PURSUIT 2: Men's | Women's
    • MAGNIFLY 5: Men's | Women's
    • ST-5Men's | Women's

    3mm Drop

    • TERRAVENTURE 4 WPMen's | Women's
    • FLI-LYTE 5: Men's | Women's

    5mm Drop


      We are excited to offer Topo footwear as part of our commitment to highlighting the absolute need for toe box room when attempting to prevent toe blisters. Whether you’re a runner, hiker, or simply someone who values comfort and blister-free feet, Topo shoes are an excellent choice. Visit our online store today and say goodbye to toe friction blisters and hello to a new level of comfort with Topo shoes!

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